The Crisfield Banjo Retreat Songbook

The Crisfield Banjo Retreat Songbook was something I tossed together several years ago for people attending our gatherings in Crisfield.

We have since moved to nicer digs, but this little songbook is still useful.

The songs are tabbed out in the old-time way so that you are playing melody, rhythm, harmony and even a little bit of percussion as you sing folk songs. Even the instrumentals are written this way.

Two of the songs are mine. There are also blank tab sheets and chord template so you can jot down licks and chords at a jam.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the song in this booklet follow these steps.

  • Count the time signature.
  • Sing and strum the chord changes.
  • Slowly play the rhythm and chord progression while you sing.

If the song is an instrumental just experiment until you find sounds that please you. It’s folk music. Most advances in our craft come about by accident.

I hope you share this at your next jam session!

God bless,

Download Here:

The Crisfield Banjo Retreat Songbook PDF

The Daily Frail Begins Again!

Daily Frail LogoSo our old web site is toast and I am stuck rebuilding this site while working with Dear Old Dad on a batch of projects.

I was kvetching about having to rebuild the RSS file for the Daily Frail podcast. Dear Old Dad says, “Don’t rebuild it. Start over.”

Dear Old Dad always gives good advice, and this was no exception. We are cooling down from the largest event we have ever held. I was able to get a lot of feedback on our teaching techniques, so this is a perfect time to start over all over again.

The Daily Frail started as a podcast in 2006. Over the years the workshop series has shared the skills of old-time banjo in a variety of mediums.

How will The Daily Frail return? Video? Audio? Self-hosted? Hosted on a social media platform? YouTube, Vimeo or a different platform? Live or recorded? Share your ideas in the comments below.

This is going to be fun!

God bless,