The Daily Frail!

Tune up your banjos and celebrate! The Daily Frail is back!

I kind of wish I had a mariachi band like Q . . . oh well.

Make sure your banjo is in open G so you can play along.

Download audio file in alternate formats from

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Frail!

  1. Linda wilding

    Great stuff, like the bounce on the 3/4 string which i have yet to attain, this will help i hope. Thanks a lot missed the daily frail.

  2. cherylf

    Patrick, I just love your teaching and am so happy to have The Daily Frail (haven’t seen it before as I am new to your site). I’ve learned so much from you in such a short time. Thank you.

  3. Leo

    I like the exercises from the very start in The Daily Frail Episode1. But could you provide the printed tabs to remind slow learners like me? I would like to develope a continuous exercise luck as you do. Many thanks. Leo.

  4. Dale

    Hi Patrick. The Daily Frails sound great, BUT, for some reason I don’t get any video with the audio. Any suggestions?

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