Daily Archives: March 15, 2017

The Real Lesson

Over the last twenty years of teaching online my goal has been to get students to make music for the people around them.

I was lucky enough to learn the importance of this just as I was getting started on the banjo.

I got this note from Fred yesterday. It looks like he gets it.

Fred writes:

Well Patrick for a long time now I have heard both you and DOD encourage folks to get out and play in the community. A few months back my wife and I volunteered to play some tunes at a local Assisted Living facility. We found that you probably will never find a more appreciative audience . The people don’t care if you miss a note or two and always compliment your playing and ask you to come back. Who knows some day it may be you sitting waiting for someone to come through that door and cheer up your day.
Keep encouraging others,