Good Bad Movie Moment: Blue Monkey

I love running across a vintage cheesy monster movie for the first time. Today I was luckily unlucky enough to stumble across a really weird Canadian flick from 1987 called Blue Monkey.

This film has nothing to do with monkeys, nothing to do with the color blue and the true heroes of the film are a pair of drunken old ladies and a group of unsupervised children with leukemia.

Signs of the 80’s include smoking in hospitals, Joe Flaherty being painfully unfunny, John Vernon being very John Vernon-ish, doctors saying medical gibberish, a laser laboratory in a Civil War era mental hospital, a pointless government conspiracy, child endangerment and several unfortunate haircuts.

It’s rated R for violence inflicted on a ketchup-smeared department store mannequin by a guy in a rubber praying mantis suit.

I give it four out of five John Vernons.

John Vernon John Vernon John VernonJohn Vernon John Vernon