The Daily Frail Episode 27

Play and sing Waterloo with Dear Old Dad.

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4/4 Time – Key of G

G                              D
Waterloo  Waterloo  where will you meet your Waterloo
      G                      C
Every puppy has his day everybody has to pay 
     G           D               G
Everybody has to meet his Waterloo
verse 1:
G                     C       G
Now ole Adam was the first in history 
                      A           D
With an apple he was tempted and deceived
         G               C
Just for spite the devil made him take a bite
            G             D           G
And that's where ole Adam met his Waterloo

verse 2:
G                  C          G
Little General  Napoleon of France 
                      A                  D
Tried to conquer  the world but lost his pants
       G             C          G
Met defeat known as Bonaparte's retreat 
                           D          G
And that's where Napoleon met his Waterloo

verse 3: 
G                   C                G
Now a feller who's darling proved untrue 
                     A         D
Took her life but he lost his too
        G                C
Now he swings where the little birdie sings
            G                D          G
And that's where Tom Dooley met his Waterloo