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Making Headway

I posted the other day that I was seeing a new doctor about my migraine headaches.

I get some kind of headache almost every day. It makes doing anything difficult. I spend a lot of time curled up in a ball with Pooka the cat and a bad movie.

On Tuesday I’ll be going back to McCready Hospital to get treatment for my headaches. The initial visit went well. I am scheduled for a couple of different procedures to help me manage my pain.

I am excited and completely terrified at the same time.

I am going to rest tomorrow to get myself ready. So there won’t be a Daily Frail workshop until the end of the week.

Apprehension Engine!

Film scores sometimes use sounds created by specialized tools like the waterphone and the wheel harp.

Now there is the apprehension engine. Conceived by Mark Korven (the guy who wrote the score for the scariest move ever – The Witch!) and built by Tony Duggan-Smith this delightful contraptions creates enough squeaks, trills, rumbles, grumbles, buzzes, groans, gasps, rattles, wheezes, shudders, shakes and chills to fill countless horror films.

I want one combined with a banjo. It would be like a harp guitar from hell!

The little handheld gadgets are eBows. I have always wanted to try one on the banjo.

It looks like a diddley bow with a rosin wheel like you would find on a hurdy-gurdy. Add some metal rulers, rods, springs, a cheap fiddle bow and an eBow and you’ll be scaring your neighbors in no time!

Seriously, imagine hiding on your front porch and playing one of these as the mailman approaches your door!

Delay Frail

I have an appointment today with a doctor who wants to help me with my migraine headaches. So there won’t be a Daily Frail episode today.

Dear Old Dad will be covering the weekend’s episodes.

God bless,

Movies About Music and Musicians

When Dear Old Dad took me to see The Blues Brothers I told him about halfway into the movie, “That’s what I’m going to do!” The movie convinced me that making music could be fun.

Here are, in no particular order, a few more of my favorite movies about music and musicians.  Add your favorite in the comments.

Frank (2014) R

Frank is a musician who wears a giant papier-mâché head. His band is called the Soronprfbs. Things get a little weird beyond that.

Leadbelly 1976 PG

The Story of Huddie Ledbetter is so sad that it is hard to comprehend. This film directed by Gordon Parks manages to cover a lot of Leadbelly’s life offering a glimpse of his unbreakable spirit.

“The movie is one of the best biographies of a musician I’ve ever seen, and one of the most direct.” ~Roger Ebert.

The Rutles – All You Need Is Cash (1978) TV Movie

Eric Idle and Lorne Michaels invented the mockumentary with this comedy about a adventures of a fictitious band called The Rutles.

A Face in the Crowd (1957) NR

Andy Griffith is terrifying as “Lonesome” Larry Rhodes, a down on his luck drifter who manages to sing his way to the top while strumming his mamma guitar.

What is your favorite movie about music and musicians?

Up Periscope!

I did another impromptu banjo jam, this time experimenting with Periscope.

The video quality is better than Facebook Live. The image isn’t mirrored the way it is on Facebook or YouTube Live. Periscope rocks!

I got some requests for songs to sing in the next spur of the moment singalong. Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash and Jimmie Rodgers.

I’m looking forward to singing them whenever I decide to broadcast again. It could be this evening or it could be next week.

I’m like Bigfoot with a banjo . . . I am Banjofoot!

Don’t wait for me to broadcast something. Try it yourself. Join Daily Frailers and post a link to your video. It’s a great way start playing for people.