Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Sneak Preview!

I am still getting myself together after being sick for the last few years, so I have to pace myself. Even so, we have a lot of irons in the fire.

Besides the day-to-day work creating The Daily Frail there is a new banjo in the works and we are preparing for The Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat.

We are also working on a cool new video project.

That’s a lot, but we’re pacing ourselves.

In my free time I am writing a book about growing up in my wonderfully crazy family. It’s called The Whiskey Thief. We are hoping to publish it by the end of summer.

I thought it would be fun to post the first page of the rough draft as a sneak preview.

The Whiskey Thief – Sneak Preview!

Why is it called The Whiskey Thief? What is the book about? We will have to wait until the book comes out at the end of summer!

Lick of the Day #6


Today we have a simple chord progression with a few salt & pepper effects thrown in.

Playing simply takes quite a bit of effort. When you play fast and sloppy it’s hard to notice mistakes. When you slow things down every note counts.

With that in mind, don’t blow off the simple hammers and pulls. Playing slow and clean is a great way to make a cool lick stand out – like the quarter note hammer in the third measure.

Lick Ingredients

  • Basic frailing
  • Hammers
  • Pulls
  • Phantom hammers
  • Quarter note hammers

Experiment with this chord progression and come up with some exercises on your own!