Daily Archives: April 9, 2017

Daily Frailers!

We have created a Facebook group for anybody learning to make music with our our books and workshops. It’s called Daily Frailers and it’s really cool

Our rules are simple. Do not post, link to, offer or endorse anything that is not your own work.we do not want this group to become a vehicle for advertising, drive by promotion, fanvertising or guerrilla marketing.

Dear Old Dad invented the terms, “fanvertising” & “drive by promotion”. If you’ve spent any time on the web you already know how these sort of things sour a discussion. By limiting posted content to personal work Daily Frailers is always fresh, inviting and encouraging.

The Daily Frailer’s Group is a great place to ask questions, show off your latest song or lick.  We have over 600 members now, and more musicians sign up every day.  Banjo, guitar, harmonica, songwriting – it’s a true community of folk musicians. We would all love to meet you and make music together.

Join today!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/423189557879667/