Apprehension Engine!

Film scores sometimes use sounds created by specialized tools like the waterphone and the wheel harp.

Now there is the apprehension engine. Conceived by Mark Korven (the guy who wrote the score for the scariest move ever – The Witch!) and built by Tony Duggan-Smith this delightful contraptions creates enough squeaks, trills, rumbles, grumbles, buzzes, groans, gasps, rattles, wheezes, shudders, shakes and chills to fill countless horror films.

I want one combined with a banjo. It would be like a harp guitar from hell!

The little handheld gadgets are eBows. I have always wanted to try one on the banjo.

It looks like a diddley bow with a rosin wheel like you would find on a hurdy-gurdy. Add some metal rulers, rods, springs, a cheap fiddle bow and an eBow and you’ll be scaring your neighbors in no time!

Seriously, imagine hiding on your front porch and playing one of these as the mailman approaches your door!