Substitute Frailers?

Brenda posted on the Daily Frailer’s Facebook group:

Missing you Patrick, daily frail is a staple for me.

I replied:

I will need a few days to get back on my feet. Today’s procedures were intense. Trigger point injections in some of my neck and shoulders. A Botox migraine treatment through my nose.

I’m sore and tired, but McCready Hospital is an amazing place. I was not simply treated. I was cared for by friends and neighbors. Of all the hospitals I have been in, McCready is the best.

In the meantime there are 57 archived Daily Frail workshops to keep you busy.

It would make me happy to see some of you sending in Daily Frail workshops of your own. Teaching is one of the key skills in mastering the art of frailing banjo.

What should you teach?

What do you know?

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