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The migraine treatments were intense, but I don’t have a headache.

What a strange feeling, getting used to not being in pain.

A few days ago this blog had a huge technical malfunction. The site collapsed.

I was able to get the blog back online, but we lost our RSS feed.

The RSS feed is how podcasting applications like iTunes find the show. A podcast without RSS is like a snake without a wiggle. It can’t go anywhere.

I started rewriting the RSS feed by hand and realized I was overworking. I can’t run for days without rest like I used to. I need to pace myself.

Then I remembered something I said the other day. “Disasters are surprise opportunities“.

With that in mind I am taking this opportunity to switch gears

The 50+ workshops from this run of The Daily Frail will be available on this site as we get ready to launch our next project.

The Maryland Folk Retreat is shaping up to be our largest event ever. Daily Frailers is shaping into a wonderful supportive group for music students.  Dear Old Dad is giving lessons every Tuesday. There is so much great stuff happening. I just need to pace myself. Take time to enjoy a pot of tea, playing with Pooka, puttering around in the garden and most of all making music for nobody but myself.

If I can accomplish all of this with a headache, just wait and see what happens now that I’m feeling good!

More announcements soon.

God bless,