One-on-one lessons with Patrick or Dear Old Dad.

Dear Old Dad teaches basic frailing, rhythm and playing and singing,

Patrick teaches music theory, advanced frailing and what some call “the cool stuff”.

Students in the USA call (410) 968-3873 and talk to Dear Old Dad so he can get to know you before we schedule a lesson.

Students out of the USA write an email to ask.patrick@gmail.com introducing yourself Attach an audio or video file to the email so we can get to know you.

Lessons are usually on Skype. If you prefer a different platform let us know. We are pretty flexible.

We also teach at our home in Crisfield, Maryland. Call us to schedule a visit.

We do not charge for lessons. All we ask is that you don’t waste our time.

4 thoughts on “Lessons

      • Hi pats, lol i have been at frailing for 1.5 yrs and can play a,b,c d,e,f,g, but now how do i find them up the neck, this banjo is to me a great thing i need to know more now .i lust for more of the notes i try i find more but i dont know what they are do you have a book about going beyond where i can play? Or is there a simple method to move say c note up to the next position, any help would be great ,thank you.

      • Hi ,in the book how and tao page 30.what finger do you use to play the hammer and pull off,im really struggling with the pull off,im using my middle finger but find it difficult,thanks,john ,lochinver,scotland.

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