B&O Freight Line

Eric writes:

Hello Patrick.
Looking forward to meeting you and Dad at the MD Folk Musicians retreat ! Thought you’d enjoy this original tune I put together “B&O Freight Line”. It’s adapted from Bukka Whites “”The Panama Special”. Different picking and note choices I put together and wrote new lyrics since I live by a lot of the historic parts of the B&O railroad. Plus I love trains and songs about trains.

This is played by a section of the tracks in the Patapsco river valley on location.

Tuning is open D.

Thought it would cheer you up since you’ve been having some health issues lately.


2 thoughts on “B&O Freight Line

  1. Wow! That’s a Lot! Great composition Eric. Just had to sit back and enjoy, resisting the urge to put my banjo in action with you. Bravo.
    I’m reaching for my banjo now, and gonna hit the red button to play again. Feel’n good.

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