Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat 2018

3 thoughts on “Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat 2018

  1. Thanks Patrick for posting this video…makes me feel like I was there with all you guys…..As an ex-pat with two more weeks in the Philippines been following all you teachings with having a banjo here for many months…Soon back in the USA i will buy a banjo and see how it will go. I believe for the first time un musically inclined I will be able to catch on to it with out much trouble…will send you video of me if works out in my favor. I always said you was a real person not just a you tube guy…that is a great picture with backwoods guy….some day I will get one with you. sorry for the long post but you do motivate people…still praying for you.

  2. Great to see you smiling .I wish I could have made it to the retreat but health reasons are preventing me .Next time if My God spares me

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