In the spring of 1991 I came to Crisfield to help my folks fix up their dream home. My cousin Joe taught elementary school up the road in Marion, MD. I stopped by to play for his class, wound up playing for the whole school and a few days later I was on the front page of one of the local papers.

Not a bad for my first week in town.

Offline Thursday

Wednesday afternoon I was at the grocery store with Dear Old Dad and I got hit with a bad migraine. It hit so hard and so fast I just about fell over.

It’s so late Wednesday night right now that its Thursday morning, and I still feel like hammered #$%&. I am going to give my brain a slight break and turn off the computers for the day. Stay offline and focus on writing. 

If my brain pain and the weather allows, Dear Old Dad and I are planning to visit Assateague Island on Friday. It is a deeply special place for me, and it’s jut down the road from Crisfield, but I never get to visit now that I can’t drive.

I have other news to share, but it’s late enough to be early and my head hurts really bad. I’m going to watch a bad horror movie. Nights like this call for the big guns, so it’s either The Abominable Dr. Phibes or The Green Slime.That will work as well as meditation to get me rested so that I can write tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments on my recent videos. You are all such amazing people. I will have to work harder to measure up to your kind words.

God bless,

Guitar Stuff

Dobro 33H

While the banjo has been getting all of the attention here lately, my first musical love was the guitar.  Our YouTube channel is named after my Dobro 33H guitar.

We are working on new guitar content that will instruct and inspire in the same fashion that I was taught. 

This is a huge undertaking, so we will not be launching our initial workshops for a while – but we will get there. Until then, have your resophonic guitars tuned up and ready to boogie!

One For The List

I received a beautiful letter from Colin in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the things Colin mentions about his Australian banjo adventures is The Guildford Banjo Jamboree in Victoria. The event sounds like a real hoot.

If I ever do get to  Australia -a feat that would take some doing because I can’t even get out of Crisfield lately – I would like to take part in the Jamboree.  I’ll have to add this to my list.

All Used Up!

short pencils

When you do all of your work in pencil, and you sharpen those pencils in a super-awesome machine) those pencils eventually get too short to use.

I picked up a fresh box of Mitsubishi 9850 pencils a few days ago, so I have plenty to work with. I am just wondering what to do with these pencil stubs. Throw them away? Make them available to Patreon sponsors as souvenirs when the book is finished?

It sure feels good to be writing again. I’ll be posting a new chapter soon. I am also working on a new project with Dear Old Dad that should be a lot of fun.

I am still working toward my goals, and I am still okay.

God bless,