Banjo and Chill

Banjo and guitar workshop playlists for binge-watching.

Old Time Banjo with Patrick and Dear Old Dad

I love the way my dad teaches. The original tab folder for this CD ROM video workshop (we did this just before DVD burners hit the market), but you can find tab for the songs in these workshops in The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo and/or Crisfield Banjo Retreat Songbook

Patrick;s Guitar Stuff

A collection of folk and country blues guitar workshops.

Bottleneck Banjo

Break out the slide and get funky with the banjo!

Coming Soon: Chapter Two

Even with all of the medical tests this week I was still able to sit down and spend time putting pencil to paper. Pooka helped by keeping me company and destroying my notes.

I should be able to finish in the next day or so, and then Dear Old Dad has to start editing while I go to work on the next chapter. Once he gives me the all clear I will post the handwritten pages for all of my Patreon sponsors.

I meet with my neurologist soon to go over my test results and maybe get closer to an answer to my typing difficulties.

Thank you for being part of this adventure!

God bless,

Patrick’s Creative Commons Banjo and Guitar Library

When we posted our first banjo workshops back in 1997 people were dumbfounded. Teaching for free?

We quickly began helping people drag banjos and guitars out of closets. Our large following led to new opportunities.

In 2003 I accidentally wrote The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo. That was wild. I was a writer. Dear Old Dad was a pretty good editor. We opened our own publishing company: Pik-Ware Publishing.

In 2004 I made The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo freely available under a Creative Commons license and suddenly it seemed like everybody wanted to play the banjo.

We still sell our books here at but we also continue to make our work freely available so that the joy of homemade music remains accessible to everyone.



Sing the Banjo! Episode Two: Secret Agent Man

Sing the Banjo! Episode Two: Secret Agent Man

Today we play the 60’s spy-rocker television theme that Johnny Rivers sang oh so well. It’s Secret Agent Man!

This song was written by Steve Barri and P. F. Sloan for the television show Secret Agent (also known as Danger Man).

The song uses simple chords in interesting combinations. It’s a lot of fun to play and sing solo, and a blast in jam sessions.

As much as I love this song, I have never seen the television show!

I sing the song, walk you through the riff and run you through the chord progression in the audio file. The .pdf had the lyrics and chords.

The audio file and lyric sheet are available for our Patreon sponsors:

Patrick and Dear Old Dad Vidcast Episode 5: Retreat and Advance!

Patrick and Dear Old Dad play The Baltimore Fire, discuss The Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat, Patrick’s book in progress with a twist and other happenings around Crisfield, MD.

Write Dear Old Dad with your thoughts on the 2019 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat:

Chapter One – Now On Patreon!

I am writing a book. Dear Old Dad and I decided to offer our Patreon sponsors the opportunity to experience the  creation of this new work as it happens.
For reasons my neurologist is trying to sort out, I am having difficulty typing. I can write by hand all day without any issue, so I am writing the first draft in pencil on legal pads.
We have posted on Patreon, exclusively for our sponsors, a PDF of the handwritten first draft complete with some of Dear Old Dad’s edits.
As work progresses we will continue to post new chapters and updated drafts until the book is finished. 
The book doesn’t have a title yet, and I should warn sensitive readers that this chapter has a few instances of hard language . . . and somebody does something grotesque to a banjo.
This all happened. Every word of it is true.
As work on the book progresses we will continue to post new episodes of The Daily Frail, Sing the Banjo and The Patrick & Dear Old Dad Show.
Thank you so much for your support.
God bless,
Patrick Costello

Yet Another Milestone

We passed fourteen thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Right now the official numbers at this moment for the channel are 4,801,058
views and 14,002 subscribers.

We are still growing, learning and sharing the joy of folk music together. With each new video and each new subscriber we take another step closer to my goal of making the art of frailing banjo universal and accessible to all!