Four Seasons On Brick Kiln Road

Four Seasons on Brick Kiln RoadPatrick Costello’s first photo essay is a deceptively simple look at the day to day happenings over the course of a year along a one-mile stretch of road on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay in Crisfield, Maryland.

As the seasons come and go, Patrick watches the work boats and wildlife along the Bayside capturing jaw-dropping images of skies ablaze with sunset color or filled with birds. See the Chesapeake choked with ice or rolling with waves in a storm.

Crisfield Sunset

Four Seasons on Brick Kiln Road captures all of this alongside unflinching images that show the real hard work that goes with harvesting the Bay. Four Seasons on Brick Kiln Road is a big beautiful book about nature, small towns and love.


“Once upon a time, Crisfield was the second largest city in Maryland. From the docks on three sides of the town countless thousands of pounds of crabs, oysters and other seafood delicacies were dragged up from the water and loaded into boxcars to be shipped around the world. Today the town boasts less than two thousands residents, more than twenty churches and a single traffic light – but the town and the Bay still hold a terrible beauty that draws you gently in until you fall in love with the place. Once that happens the town is yours and you belong to the town.” ~Patrick Costello

blue heron on fishing boat
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