The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar

The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar

The guitar was the ultimate portable music player long before the Walkman or the iPod were even dreamed of. You can take the guitar with you anywhere and play just about any kind of music. If your goal is to join a band, write songs or just play a few tunes on your front porch The How and The Tao of Folk Guitar will give you the tools you need to express yourself with this amazing instrument.

This truly unique approach to learning the acoustic guitar starts with easy one-finger chords in open G tuning as you work on basic right-hand rhythm techniques. Standard tuning and more complex chord forms are introduced as the all-important right hand control is achieved.

The How and The Tao of Folk Guitar contains everything the beginning guitarist needs. The information has been carefully crafted to get you playing quickly and to give you a deep understanding of how the guitar works as a musical instrument. This book is for anyone who wants to:

  • Play a thumb-brush accompaniment to songs
  • Understand chord progressions
  • Tune and change strings
  • Make chords in standard and alternate guitar tunings
  • Play blues turnarounds
  • Play slide guitar
  • Play flatpick guitar
  • Play fingerstyle or “Travis style” guitar
  • Find any chord or scale on the fretboard

By the end of this book you will be able to play and sing using basic fingerstyle and flatpick guitar techniques. You will have learned the core skills that apply to every genre of music and you will be well on your way to becoming an accomplished guitarist.

The How and The Tao of Folk Guitar combines a clear and practical approach to learning the instrument with a warm down-home sense of humor. Mixed in with the technical instruction Patrick shares stories of his own experiences learning to play the guitar that will amuse, teach and inspire you to follow your own path. The author’s shared glimpses into his personal musical journey add a special insight to the learning process.

This book is available as a PDF download.

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