2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat

Help us spread the word about the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat!

Download and print out these full page and half page flyers and hand it out at jam sessions and other musical gatherings.

The Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat features workshops with skilled and compassionate instructors. There is ample time for jamming, socializing or just taking some time to be by yourself in a beautiful setting away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.

You can learn more about the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat at http://www.marylandfolk.com and/or by calling (410) 968-3873.

Retreat flyer – full page
Retreat Flyer – half page

2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat fler

Where I Come From

A very long time ago I saw my grandmother throwing out some old cabinet photographs. When I asked her about them she barked at me to mind my own business.

Me being me, I scooped the pictures out of the trash and took them to my grandfather. He didn’t want to talk about them at first, but after I pestered him for a bit he said that these are pictures of my great-great uncle James C Welch and performers from the Emmett Welch Minstrels.

I tried to get more information, but my grandmother wouldn’t talk about it, and my grandfather only knew a little.

TheĀ Emmett Welch Minstrels were legendary in Philadelphia and New Jersey as blackface performers, but the dancers in my pictures are all African American. I wish I knew more, but it is cool to have this little window to where I come from.