Basic Frailing Banjo

Basic Frailing Banjo

Filmed in four single takes with no edits, Patrick presents the craft of frailing banjo as an improvisational art from that blends rhythmic and melodic techniques to create powerful and joyful music on the fly.

The result is an instructional video that comes across like a lesson on Patrick’s front porch, capturing the person-to-person teaching style that has been used to present banjo skills throughout the instrument’s history – in other words, Patrick isn’t just teaching, he is sharing a lifetime of experience and his love for this instrument.

Chapter list:

  • Lesson One: Tuning, parts of the banjo and the basicfrailing strum.
  • Lesson Two: Your first chord, your first song, using aharmonica for ear training and more.
  • Lesson Three: Rhythmic variations of the frailing strum,double thumb, drop thumb, hammer-on’s, phantom effects and more.
  • Lesson Four: The C and F chords, Boil Them Cabbage Down and more.

Over two hours of instruction for only $15.00!

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