Christmas 2017

It has been a nice day. I got a lot done and then a migraine kicked in and sowed me down. I was able to cook an epic pot of vegetable soup for our dinner and for some of our neighbors (Dear Old Dad always says to chare a meal, and we practice what we preach!).

Even with the headache I had a nice dinner with my folks. We exchanged gifts. I got a salad spinner and a new bow for my fiddle.

The fiddle bow was a real surprise. I have been trying to hide from Dear Old Dad that my current bow was completely shot.

So it has been a lovely Christmas here in Crisfield. I hope and pray all of you have a wonderful holiday if you observe Christmas, or an awesome Monday if you don’t.

My head is hurting really bad. I’m going to curl up with Pooka and watch a bad movie.

Goodnight and God bless.

My Holiday Wish

This weekend many families round the world will be celebrating Christmas and after that everybody rings in the new year.

If I have one wish for the holidays it would be for all of you to take your banjos when you visit friends and family over the weekend.  Lead the party in singing Silent Night or Auld Lang Syne. Play Cripple Creek for your children or grandchildren to get them dancing and Rosin The Beau as a lullaby. Heck, I don’t care what you play. What matters is that you seize the opportunity to create memories for yourself and the people you love. So many people start playing the banjo only to freeze up when it comes time to put yourself out there.

Get out there and play!

God bless,

While You Were Steeping

I enjoy coffee – especially the more exotic variants like Turkish coffee. Coffee is good stuff, but I drink tea all day.

I love tea. I drink cold black tea all day while I am working and I drink rooibos at night to power down. I treat myself to a pot of good white tea when I’m blue.

Yesterday a friend gave me a cool little tea strainer. It looks like a little dude is doing something rude to your cup. I love it!

Drop the dude in the water
Steeping. . .


The Dobro33H YouTube channel is 100% free again.

YouTube ending paid subscriptions so quickly was not cool, but for the time being this is the only viable video platform for a channel as large as ours.

YouTube only pays attention to the number of subscribers a channel has. You can help us grow by clicking on the free subscribe button on our channel. It’s free and it will help us grow. After you click on the subscribe button encourage other people to do so. It’s the only tool we have to show YouTube that you care about the kind of content we provide.

In related news, I will be interviewed on Jack Scrimshaw’s Route 66 show on The show airs every Thursday 2:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern time. Jack plays a great mix of mix of Americana, country, blues, bluegrass and old time music.

Sing the banjo! will return after the holidays.

God bless,

The Wearing of the Greens

The other day I brought home a nice head of lettuce and some spinach to make myself salads this week. I’m a vegetarian so I eat a lot of salads.

On a side note: going vegetarian helped me change my eating habits – and that helped me drop nearly eighty lbs.

Anyway, I always wash my greens because I had a middle school science teacher who kept Ascaris worms in a jar of formaldehyde on his desk.

Back to my salad greens; after I washed the greens I needed to dry them off a bit. I don’t have a salad spinner. dumped the greens on a clean tea towel, picked it up by its four corners, went outside and spun the tea towel over my head. I get funny looks from the neighbors every time I do this, but it works really well.

I went back in the kitchen, dumped my greens in Tupperware, tossed the towel into the dirty clothes hamper and went on my merry way.

Normally I give the towel a quick shake over the trash can, but this time I skipped that step.

Dad was doing the laundry and he call me down from the office yelling, “Why is the washing machine full of lettuce?”

It took a while to explain . . .


Last April my father and I shut down the archives of our YouTube
channel. With over 650 videos and four million views it was getting
hard to create new content.

People did not like seeing the old content shut down, so we took
things a different route and made the archives available by
subscription. $25 a year is less than most lessons nowadays.

Now YouTube has abruptly cut off paid content. Subscriptions will end
January 1st, 2018.

While the situation is out of my control, I still want to do right by
our subscribers.

Effective immediately we are making the old videos free to the public.

If you are a subscriber, save your receipt. Contact us when we launch
our new project early next year and we will give the first lesson
module on the house.