Sing the Banjo! Episode One

Sing the Banjo! is back with a great song that is appropriate given President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream.

The song was written by Ed McCurdy and has been covered countless times. My favorite cover was done by John Denver.

The audio file and lyric sheet are available for our Patreon sponsors:

Day One!

The first day of writing my new book longhand went really well.

There was one disaster early in the day when Pooka destroyed the first three pages of work, but stuff like that happens.

Shitajiki boards make writing with pencil so much easier. I got a lot accomplished today. I am hoping to hand Dear Old Dad the first chapter for editing tomorrow. When I get the second chapter finished we are going to make a huge announcement on Patreon.

I got a wonderful selection of Japanese pencils from Ken in Seattle. It was a wonderful gift, but a million times more special arriving on the first day of the new project. Joy!

The Next Adventure!

I have to keep this short. Not because I am in a hurry. I am having trouble with typing setting off seizures.

Epilepsy sucks.

When my hearing failed I learned to play the guitar with my teeth. Now that typing is a problem I am simply writing my next book longhand.

I am taking an idea from John Steinbeck and sharpening a bunch of good pencils before I start a writing session.

The Daily Frail will be back on YouTube next week.

Sing the Banjo! will return as a podcast next week.

I will not be doing much on social media.

Watch my Patreon for a special, super cool and mind-blowing announcement of epic proportions in just a few weeks.

If you want to get involved, I can always use more legal pads and pencils.

God bless,

Patrick's desk Pooka!


Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat 2018


Today one of the last official workshops of the 208 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat was a group meditation session where we were introduced to the lovely sounds of the harmonium.

It was wonderful.

I did not record the workshop, but I do have an interesting recording of the harmonium.

I recorded this harmonium player in 2013 at Turo Church during a memorial service for victims of the Peshawar church bombing. I have always heard the Psalms read aloud, but at this service the mourning families sang to God. I do not know the language, but the music knows no barriers.

Psalm 4

Psalm 23

Stormy Weather, Sunshine Inside

It is going to be a rainy weekend for the Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat. This is not necessarily a bad thing because almost all of our scheduled workshops are indoors. The only downside is that the pool won’t be opening on Saturday as we scheduled.

Another problem with rainy weather is that it tends to aggravate my arthritis and trigger migraine headaches, So if I look like my head hurts, don’t ask me if my head hurts.

On the bright side, I will be adding a couple more workshops to the schedule to keep myself occupied – and my mind off of my aching bones. I am planning to do a workshop on how to teach – with emphasis on talking to the camera. I think that will be a lot of fun – and I have some other cool ideas percolating.

We will be arriving at Camp Pecometh tomorrow. Being in a moving car can give me seizures, so we arrive extra early so I can recuperate and be at my best to start welcoming guests as they arrive for the Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat.

This is going to be a wonderful weekend of music and fellowship. We will all come together to celebrate the common language of music and work together so that all of us can express ideas and emotions through our instruments.

If I get a headache, that is okay. I am making music with my friends, at a shindig I organized with my best friend.

See you soon!

God bless,

2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat Workshop Schedule!

Dear old Dad has put the finishing touched on the workshop schedule for the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat!

2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat Schedule PDF

We are excited to have so many musicians coming together to share, jam and celebrate this wonderful thing we call music.

There is still time to register for the 2018 retreat! We’ll squeeze you in! Call (410) 968-3873 and talk to Dear Old Dad.

If you do miss the Retreat this year you may have a second chance to make music with us. Keep an eye on our web pages and social media for an upcoming announcement about The Fall Banjo Brawl!

B&O Freight Line

Eric writes:

Hello Patrick.
Looking forward to meeting you and Dad at the MD Folk Musicians retreat ! Thought you’d enjoy this original tune I put together “B&O Freight Line”. It’s adapted from Bukka Whites “”The Panama Special”. Different picking and note choices I put together and wrote new lyrics since I live by a lot of the historic parts of the B&O railroad. Plus I love trains and songs about trains.

This is played by a section of the tracks in the Patapsco river valley on location.

Tuning is open D.

Thought it would cheer you up since you’ve been having some health issues lately.



A while back a dear friend gave me an extraordinary fountain pen. I rediscovered it recently and have started using it.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in the 1980’s. Recently I have been experiencing issues in cars and when I am working on the computer. For some reasons I do not seem to have these problems writings things out by hand. It would appear that I have a better chance of getting things done if I start moving away from the computer, and start writing longhand.

Before anybody asks, The Daily Frail will remain a video workshop series.

It would not be the first time that the old-fashioned way fit me better than anything modern.

Right now the plan is to stock up on some decent journals and start writing. I would like to eventually get a smart journal. That would make it easier getting the written page into the computer. The trouble with smart journals right now is that they all seem to require an Apple or Android phone – something I can’t afford right now.

For the moment I will just start with ink and paper and see where that takes me. I am sure there are roadblocks I have not thought of yet, but a lot of my heroes wrote their best work scratching pens and pencils across paper.

I will keep you all posted on my results.

God bless,