A while back we received a banjo head in the mail with a request that I sign it. We sent it head back and went about our usual everyday chaos.

Today I got another package from Jerry with a note saying that my signature inspired him to make this shirt.

I love it! Thanks, Jerry!

God bless,

5,000,000 And Counting

Last night we reached another milestone when we passed five million views on YouTube.

Five million plays on YouTube. The number boggles the mind.

Our top ten most popular videos:

Some of our shared experiences on YouTube have been life-altering.

Other YouTube moments were . . . welll . . .

Through it all we have been sharing a message of love, joy, simplicity and creativity. 

Here’s to the next five million views! And the millions after that!

God bless

Teatime With Pooka

Oolong tea gongfu style

Unwinding at the end of the day with an exceptionally nice oolong tea. Peaceful right?

Pooka wants some tea!

Intrigued by the sweet scent of the tea, Pooka decided to join me. Uninvited.

In gongfu tea there is a tradition of placing a clay figure on your tea tray. Oxen, frogs, fish – even little human figures. As you perform gonfu tea there is always excess water and tea that needs to be discarded. Some of this excess tea is poured over the tea. They call these sculptures tea pets.

Apparently Pooka is my tea pet.

It all worked out in the end, I put a watered down drop of tea in one of my cups for Pooka. Happy to be part of the goings-on, the cat sat with me quietly as I finished my tea.

By the way, the tea was incredible. I got is from Yunnan Sourcing in China and it is delicious. I am already saving up for my next order.

Happy and with a belly full of wonderful tea, I sat down to write this post. Pooka jumped up and trashed my desk. Torn paper, framed family pictures and writing implements went everywhere. Sigh. 

Hulu has a scary movie coming out called Perhaps I named my feline companion a bit too well . . .

I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but I managed to type this post! I don’t type as fast as I used to, but that will come in time. No obstacle is insurmountable. 

I have to take things slow, so I will continue working on the book in pencil. I have fallen in love with the feel of the writing implement scratching on paper, the scent of cedar and writing at my grandfather’s desk with Pooka on my lap. Chapter 14 is almost ready for prime time. I will be uploading it for our Patreon Sponsors soon.

Goodnight, and God bless.