Nobody noticed, but I managed to pick up and play my old Dobro yesterday.

It hurt like hell, but it was nice to have a six-string in my hands.

Dad asked me what it would take to get me playing and teaching guitar again.

I told him that it would have to be a hybrid. Like my banjo. 

The Somerset S1 and S1P worked because I blended the strong points of Gibson and Vega designs with original features. 

With my jacked up hands, I would need something different. The balance of a Telecaster, the shorter scale of a Gibson, and Gretsch-style pickups. The headstock would need to be angled to keep the action snappy with the shorter scale. An instrument like that would cost a fortune in boutique guitar shops.  

Dad suggested I look around a bit. Might as well have told me to bring back a selfie with Bigfoot.

Not only is my wish list guitar being made, it’s under our budget. The Slick SL55.

Dad ordered one for me today. We’re both excited to see how this shapes up. Should pair nicely with the electric banjo!

Philadelphia Style Country Blues Guitar Lesson

If you can’t tell by my accent, I grew up in the greatest city in the world: PHILADELPHIA!

I picked up this shuffle blues guitar riff on a subway platform on the Market-Frankford line while skipping school.

In other news, I need an electric guitar with a seriously easy playing neck. My arthritis is making the old Dobro hard to play.