3 thoughts on “Sunday with Patrick and Dear Old Dad 8/20/2017

  1. Thank you for this G tuning insight. I have grown tired of the ‘purists’ over the years, not just in banjo but in the working Border Collie world. They’re great dogs with top herding instinct. I use them for cattle ranch work. Let them work, guide them, be their pal, give them a chance and they will do their best for you, individual quirks and all. Any one of them is pretty if they help you. They are not mystical animals that you have to ‘become one’ with…or worse yet, worship.
    Same with the banjo! Get a good instrument, like a Somerset, learn the basics, play your favorite melodies, embellish with ‘clawhammery’ techniques, have fun with it. Play alone and with like minded folks. Learn some backup. Grow at your own pace. Play what you like and how you like – It’s your darned banjo. Learn new stuff but don’t copy unless it is exactly what you want to sound like. Stay away from the know-it-all smug buggers. They can ruin your spirit. Q: What is that phone number for ordering a Somerset and can I see them on computer anywhere and where can I play one? I like pretty tone and plenty of versatility..for ‘hear this’ loud and ‘sweet’ soft. Is Whyte Laydie the way to go? Thanks, EJK

    • You can get more information on Somerset Banjos by calling Dear old Dad. (410) 968-3873.

      I’ve played almost every tone ring configuration. Whyte Laydie is the best of the bunch.


      • Thank you, Patrick. I’ll go with that for sure. My next thing will be to hook up with Dear Old Dad and get me a good banjo. Take care,

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