Next Week

Next week we will be launching our new series of frailing banjo videos. These new videos will be different from the Daily Frail workshops on YouTube.

When my father and I were starting out in music we hand none of the luxuries available to students today. If we wanted tab we had to write it ourselves. If we wanted lyrics to a song we bought a songbook or tracked down a recording somewhere and wrote them by hand. If we couldn’t find tab or lyrics we created our own.

In a 1964 interview, Picasso said of computers, “But they are useless. They can only give you answers.” Right now the Internet is swimming with answers but good questions are hard to find. Our new video series is aiming to change this.

I will not be providing tab, chord progressions or lyrics in the new videos. I will instead be challenging you to apply the information provided in The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo.

When we launch the new series next week I hope you tune in and play along. Be sure to have your copy of The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo handy. I would also suggest you get a musical staff notebook for jotting down licks and lyrics. Writing by hand seems to be better for memory than typing.

See you soon!

God bless,