With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought it would be fun to write about the people and things I am thankful for.

She introduced me to beauty.
“Look around you,” She said,
“Everything you see was made by God,
and if you look closely there is beauty
in everything.”

She introduced me to poetry.
I loved the delicious dancing words
all dripping with longing, love or loneliness.
Dickenson. Frost. Sandberg. Poe.
I’m nobody on little cat feet you come too nevermore.

She introduced me to music.
She was always singing around the house.
A gift of a shiny harmonica with wise words
I found the major scale in her songs.
inspiration in her poetry.

The man I am today is largely built on her
insight and example.
If I have taught you anything,
I am simply following my mother’s lead.
Sharing music. Sharing insight. Sharing love.