Christmas 2017

It has been a nice day. I got a lot done and then a migraine kicked in and sowed me down. I was able to cook an epic pot of vegetable soup for our dinner and for some of our neighbors (Dear Old Dad always says to chare a meal, and we practice what we preach!).

Even with the headache I had a nice dinner with my folks. We exchanged gifts. I got a salad spinner and a new bow for my fiddle.

The fiddle bow was a real surprise. I have been trying to hide from Dear Old Dad that my current bow was completely shot.

So it has been a lovely Christmas here in Crisfield. I hope and pray all of you have a wonderful holiday if you observe Christmas, or an awesome Monday if you don’t.

My head is hurting really bad. I’m going to curl up with Pooka and watch a bad movie.

Goodnight and God bless.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2017

  1. Sorry to hear about the headache. I hope it gets better soon. Then you can try out that new bow have some pleasant music to soothe yourself.

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