A lot of people watch, enjoy and – more importantly use the videos on our YouTube channel.

In the beginning we were only experimenting, so I named the channel after my first love, my Dobro 33H guitar.

Our first video was an experiment. I wanted to see if could teach the subway shuffle the way the cool old dude taught it to me.

Dear Old Dad and I have been on YouTube for over ten years. As I write this our videos have 4,624,370 views. and our channel has 13,058 subscribers.

We know how hard and frustrating it can be trying to connect with an audience. Back in 1997 there were only a handful of banjo web pages. We were two guys playing our banjos out into the ether. In 2006 We did not know if or how people would find us on YouTube.

Today it is even more difficult to carve out a space for yourself. It can be tough letting people know you exist.

If you are having a hard time connecting with an audience Dear Old Dad and I would like to help.

Send us a short video introducing yourself to the Dobro33H audience. Tell us about your channel, band or project. We will upload the video to our channel and make it available to the great people visiting us on YouTube.

This is a one-time offer limited to one video uploaded at our discretion. If we do use your video we will only keep it up for a short time.

Send your video file to If it’s too big to email send me a link via DropBox or similar service.