The Family That Frails Together

A couple of people have commented on the way my father and I interact on-camera.

Well, this is the way my father and I are all the time.

When I was a kid, before I took up music, my father and I loved each other, but we did not always get along. I would get into so much trouble in and out of school and it created a lot of tension.

Everybody loves the story that I only took up frailing banjo to win a bet with Dear Old Dad. They never take in the scope of how frustrated we were with each other. I learned a musical instrument to piss the man off.

Once we were making music together our relationship changed. We got to know each other and somewhere along the way we became close friends

The way we interact on camera is the way we are all the time. It drives mom nuts, but she loves us both.

See for yourself. Watch us jam and banter in our first instructional video filmed about eighteen years ago and then watch yesterday’s video. This is not an act. This is us. This is the kind of friendship that is possible with love, understanding and the language of music.

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