Traveling Show

As a lot of you already know, I used to ditch school and walk comically long distances across suburban Philadelphia with a banjo or guitar (sometimes both) strapped across my back.

I was on one of these jaunts when I ran into one of my teachers from middle school. It turned out that we were both playing hooky, so we took a walk together and talked for a bit.

In that conversation he predicted that I would probably end up a writer or a performer. His advice was to go to Gibsonton and buy a stage trailer from retired carnies – or buy a bread truck and add a folding stage. However I set up my rig,he thought I should travel from place to place as my own traveling show.

I did not take his advice. I thought about it. I even went shopping for old panel trucks with Dear Old Dad, but in the end I decided that traveling was not my thing. Being on the road is brutal, and so expensive that you can never perform enough shows to make a living.

I thought of my old teacher this morning when I saw an advertisement for an old folding stage trailer from Gibsonton on

For sale ’94 southern body trailer mounted set and stage with living quarters $17,000

Only 2 hour set up time, with 2 people. No heavy lifting stage is lowered on an electric winch, marquee is raised on hydrolics. For sale $17,000 w/ ’07 Dodge 2500 to pull it $35,000. You can make it back in one season, we did in 2006.

Maybe one of you will take a rig like this on the highways of America sharing the joy of frailing banjo with people across this great nation.