The Daily Frail is back in action and I am having a lot of fun.

When I came home in 2014 I was as sick as I have ever been, and I was not sure if I would ever get back to my old self. It feels so good to be back in action and the show of support on Patreon has been a real boost.

As exercises on The Daily Frail become more complicated you can find tab on our Patreon blog.

Here is a link to today’s Patreon post:

We have set our Patreon at the super low price of $1.00 so that it is easy for anybody to take part. You do not have to take part to access the videos of the tab files. Like Utah Phillips, I want to make a living, not a killing.

We do have some events in the works the will be exclusive to our subscribers. Stay tuned to this blog and our Patreon page for more information.

Sing the Banjo! returns next week. Folk Guitar begins soon Joy!