Hanging On in a Jam Session

Our friend Diana Wagner will be hosting workshops and jam sessions at the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat. If lack of jamming experience has anybody nervous about attending, this workshop is right up your alley!

Hanging On in a Jam Session
Diana Wagner

Workshop description:
Do you ever position yourself in a jam session so you can watch the guitar player across from you? Do you watch people play with ease in a jam and say, “I wish I could do that!”? Do you wonder how everyone seems to know which chord comes next? This workshop is for beginners who want to keep up in a jam session. Participants will gently learn a little music theory and be playing by ear by the end of the session. Strummers and melody players are both welcome. This workshop will give you a toolbox you can use all weekend!

The 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat is happening on the weekend of June 1-3. Learn more at http://www.marylandfolk.com or call (410) 968-3873.