Minstrel Banjo at the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat

The 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat will feature a minstrel banjo workshop hosted by Jared Denhard.

Jared sent us this note with a description of the workshop:

Hi Pat-
The Early Banjo Workshop would be an Introduction to stroke style,
discussing similarities and differences from frailing, with
minstrel tuning adapted to modern banjo (gCGBD)
Basic movements from “Briggs Banjo Instructor” (Juba)
2 or 3 easy tunes from early banjo repertoire. (Briggs Corn Shucking Jig, Camptown Hornpipe, Boston Jig)

This looks like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to make music with everybody! Register today at marylandfolk.com or call (410) 968-3873.

1 thought on “Minstrel Banjo at the 2018 Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat

  1. Still alive down here in the hurricane rebuilding U.S Virgin Islands,,,,Come on down! We got work!
    Gettin’ ready for the camp…..
    Ordered a Prust tackhead minstrel banjo and it arrived, perfect in every way.
    Rarin’ to go!

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