Easter Break

Howdy, folks!

I just wanted to let everybody know that we will be taking an Easter break Friday through Monday. We will be back with the next episode of The Daily Frail on Tuesday, 4/3/2018.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

God bless,

1 thought on “Easter Break

  1. Have a good break Patrick looking forward to the next frail as if it might be my last .fighting renal cancer and heart disease and now with two hearing aids .i wonder if they could be converted into pick ups for the banjo as a recycle project ,you are right about excuses for not being able to hold down a chord ,just keep on trying I have found that as long as it sounds o.k it is o.k .i have developed a stupid disease of the hand called Dupidrins or something like it basically the tendons working the fingers swell up and prevent me from being able to straighten them .more of a problem with my left hand trying to cover the strings but not too bad with the right for Frailing .i have purchased all your books but prefer to learn from your videos .Thanks for uploading them Jim in wild Scotland

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