Tooth and Frail

I made the first two Daily Frail episodes of next week available early. I broke a tooth, so I need to get to the dentist on Monday. I can’t drive because I am having trouble with epilepsy. Dear Old Dad is taking the wheel.

When I came back home 2014, I weight almost 300 pounds. Over the last four years, I have lost over 70 pounds.

When you are going through a process this this it is hard to see any change in the mirror. Looking back on my video workshops gives a clearer picture of how far I have come.

2014 2018

My clothes hang on me now like a scarecrow. My jeans flap around my legs like sails in the wind. Even with my belt on the very last notch my pants still fall off me. Tomorrow Dear Old Dad is taking advantage of the trip to the dentist’s office and dragging me somewhere to buy some clothes that fit.

I tend to get anxious in stores and just grab some black T-shirts and cheap jeans. I figure having my clothes the same saves me the bother of deciding what to wear. When I say this to Dear Old Dad he rolls his eyes and groans.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll break the black T-shirt and cheap jeans trend – but Dear Old Dad is just as bad about clothes as I am. The pair of us would be perfect for one of those makeover shows.

Looking at these clothes that no longer fit and looking at how far I have come in the last four years I am aware of how lucky I am to have a friend like Dear Old Dad – and how blessed I am to be welcomed through my camera, over the Internet and into your homes.

I still have a long way to go. I struggle with my health and other day-to-day challenges. I am thankful to have my meditation and photography to help me through those issues.
I love what I do. Helping people make music is the best job I could ever imagine. I can’t wait to see where the music takes us next!