4 thoughts on “The Daily Frail 4/20/2018

  1. Best of your workshops I have seen – doesn’t say it all – but it does say an awful lot

    Also couldn’t agree with you more about Old Time repertoir – archival material unlikely to win much interest

  2. hi pat , i’d asked you awhile back about the song
    it tells the true story of the murder of stingbean and his wife.
    done by Vern Thomlon and there is another gent that dose it as well.
    tried doing it myself ,but still can’t get the chord pat.

  3. This was a great video Patrick. Helped me tremendously. Thanks for all that you and your family do for keeping folk music alive by your down to earth instruction and philosophy.
    Erik / 1972 Woodsman ?

  4. Trying hard to learn from your videos .problems with my hands make it hard to form chords .i need the tendons in my palms cut and stretched so that I can open them .but I will get there just as you did thanks for posting regards to dear old dad Jim in Scotland

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