2 thoughts on “The Daily Frail 5/2/2018

  1. This is a great lesson and one that unexpectedly opened up a huge door for me related to some of my other instruments that I noodle around with. I am relatively new to the banjo and have been working on clawhammer basics. Thinking of the 5 string as an up stroke in the non-banjo world, got me to tune both my tenor and 6-string guitars to Open G tuning. I can now take some of the clawhammer music sheets I have and substitute the 5-string hit with an upstroke and it has produced a Carter-like style and feel to some of the classics like Cripple Creek and Old Joe Clark. Man it is a blast and a new voicing (at least to me) that has been fun to play with.

    Thanks for all you do Patrick…great stuff.

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