Harmony and Happiness

Dear old Dad and I had to run a lot of errands today.

I am all sunburned skin and aching muscles because my simple garden plan got shot down. Instead of filling containers with peat moss I had to take a shovel and carve a little plot of garden out of the ground. It was hundred times more work and at the same time a million times more satisfying. I already have cornfield pumpkin, muskmelons, beets and Pennsylvania Dutch ground cherries planted happily in the soil – but I am paying dearly for the effort.

So when I woke up this morning the first thought in my head was, “Ouch!”

It went like that for a bit I eventually got myself up and running. Since I can’t drive I had to go to the grocery store with Dear Old Dad. On the way home we stopped at the florist. Dear Old Dad ordered a corsage for mom. My parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary recently. They are renewing their vows tomorrow at Christ Fellowship Church.

After dad got his order in I bought a nice begonia for mom. The florist asked me what kind of pick I wanted.

When I told her I did not understand she asked me, “Is this for Mother’s Day? A birthday?”

“No. Just buying my mom a flower.”

“Do you want a card?”

“No. Just the flower.”

Both of the ladies n the shop seemed surprised.

After we dropped off our groceries we ran to Wal-Mart. I had an appointment with the optometrist to get my eyes checked out and to get new glasses.

We got there early so that I could pick up some more clothes. I am slowly replacing my black shirts for more cheerful attire.

As soon as we walked in the door were was this huge display of wooden rocking chairs. A woman had claimed one of the chairs for her own and was happily rocking. Since the store layout had me walking right up to her I gave her a big smile and said, “You look so comfortable!”

She laughed. Then Dear old Dad came in right behind me. “You stay there as long as you want. If anybody says anything, send them to me!” She laughed again and kept on rocking.

As I was wondering the men’s department I heard one of the women working in the department carrying on in disbelief. I approached her, explained that my BAHA hearing aid picks up just about everything and asked her what was wrong. She said that an adult male customer had flipped out on her because he did not know how to buy himself underwear.

“He didn’t know what size he wore. He didn’t know the difference between briefs and boxers! A grown man can’t buy himself a pair of drawers!”

I told her that I did not know what I could do in that situation except to pray for her. So that is what we did. Stood together in the men’s underwear isle praying for a moment. Before I continued shopping I said, “People forget or ignore how hard you all work.” She lit up like a Christmas tree.

So I got my clothes, and I must have done a good job because the lady at the checkout complimented me on my choice of colors.

I headed into the optometry department. Dear Old Dad helped me pick out a pair of frames. I went in for the first part of the tests and it turns out the technician is a guitar player. We talked about music off and on through the whole eye exam process.

When we got home mom said that we had just missed the pastor, who said that the church was “having a lot of fun” getting ready for mom and dad’s renewal of vows.

It turns out the begonia I got mom matches the dress she is wearing tomorrow. Mom said she wants to cut the blooms for the altar tomorrow.

Now I have to make sure my camera is ready for tomorrow. I want to get at least one good picture.

My life is far from perfect. The days I am not in pain are usually marked with some other kind of kick in the teeth – but I am not alone in my pain. We are all walking wounded to some degree. A broken heart can slow you down like a broken body.

I have found that if I can find some common ground – a shared interest or an appreciation for another person’s hard work – then I can create harmony. From harmony, a smile. Happiness.

I do not know how my parents have achieved fifty years of harmony and happiness. All I can say is that I love them both, and I am proud to be part of their happily ever-aftering.

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  1. at 74 i dot own a banjo yet, and never could play any thing… will be another month before I buy one. I am a ex-pat living in the Philippine till next moth in June….but been watching the daily frail for so many months now I know it will be a piece of cake kinda speaking. over all the months watching you and your dad I have learnt lots more than you a just a good banjo teacher. and a heads up better at youtube videos.. I have discovered that you are a real person and the more I learn the more I like. May God bless you mightily and you are in my prayers for total healing. get well soon.

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