A while back a dear friend gave me an extraordinary fountain pen. I rediscovered it recently and have started using it.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in the 1980’s. Recently I have been experiencing issues in cars and when I am working on the computer. For some reasons I do not seem to have these problems writings things out by hand. It would appear that I have a better chance of getting things done if I start moving away from the computer, and start writing longhand.

Before anybody asks, The Daily Frail will remain a video workshop series.

It would not be the first time that the old-fashioned way fit me better than anything modern.

Right now the plan is to stock up on some decent journals and start writing. I would like to eventually get a smart journal. That would make it easier getting the written page into the computer. The trouble with smart journals right now is that they all seem to require an Apple or Android phone – something I can’t afford right now.

For the moment I will just start with ink and paper and see where that takes me. I am sure there are roadblocks I have not thought of yet, but a lot of my heroes wrote their best work scratching pens and pencils across paper.

I will keep you all posted on my results.

God bless,

4 thoughts on “Longhand

  1. Started to learn clawhammer a little over 2 months ago after putting my banjo away 15 years ago out of frustration of trying to learn bluegrass picking. And this was after lessons. I can now use my banjo to sing some of the basic folk songs I grew up with such as those of the Kingston Trio like Charlie and the MTA and Tom Dooley. I’ve been banging out a lot of my old Gospel favorites as well. My favorite one to play is Suppertime, even picking up a melody break. My thanks to you for the Daily Frail.

    Have you even done This Land is Your Land? I did a search and couldn’t find it. Since it’s only 3 chords in G, another easy one. If you do make a video on it, could you show the hammerons that you would use?

  2. I’ve used pencils and journals pretty much exclusively since I was s kid lol. It’s cheap, lasting and more meaningful to hold that journal in your hands scratching out lyrics and writings into the paper. Computers don’t come close imo. Plus my kids will have those journals long after I’m gone.

    Take care Patrick and see you at the retreat.
    -Erik ?

  3. Writing long hand is the way to go, engages a more artistic part of the brain that typing away at a screen. Hope it goes well for you.

  4. If you are having problems whilst using your computer, it may be worth checking the lighting in your office (which you appear to have upgraded recently). There are two possible sources of lighting problems for epilepsy sufferers:-
    I) First is simply the quality of the light, brightness, illumination angles, reflections and colour (this will vary with different types of light bulb) etc.
    ii) Secondly is the way the light is produced which can be split into two categories namely:- Steady light as produced by the old style filament lamps, which should be no problem, and flickering light as produced by fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent lights flicker at the rate of the supplied AC current (50 Hz in the UK).
    If you are using modern energy saving bulbs it is worth checking that they are not of the flicker type.

    The other major source of problems in offices is ergonomic. UK office design regulations cover such things as seat and desk heights the position of key boards and screens, length of time at the screen without a break (about 40 minutes) and of course lighting. The aim of this is to reduce eye strain and the chance of postural headaches which can be very intense and debilitating and will recur at any time until the body properly rested and relaxed.

    Thanks for the music.


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