The Next Adventure!

I have to keep this short. Not because I am in a hurry. I am having trouble with typing setting off seizures.

Epilepsy sucks.

When my hearing failed I learned to play the guitar with my teeth. Now that typing is a problem I am simply writing my next book longhand.

I am taking an idea from John Steinbeck and sharpening a bunch of good pencils before I start a writing session.

The Daily Frail will be back on YouTube next week.

Sing the Banjo! will return as a podcast next week.

I will not be doing much on social media.

Watch my Patreon for a special, super cool and mind-blowing announcement of epic proportions in just a few weeks.

If you want to get involved, I can always use more legal pads and pencils.

God bless,

Patrick's desk Pooka!


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