Chapter One – Now On Patreon!

I am writing a book. Dear Old Dad and I decided to offer our Patreon sponsors the opportunity to experience the  creation of this new work as it happens.
For reasons my neurologist is trying to sort out, I am having difficulty typing. I can write by hand all day without any issue, so I am writing the first draft in pencil on legal pads.
We have posted on Patreon, exclusively for our sponsors, a PDF of the handwritten first draft complete with some of Dear Old Dad’s edits.
As work progresses we will continue to post new chapters and updated drafts until the book is finished. 
The book doesn’t have a title yet, and I should warn sensitive readers that this chapter has a few instances of hard language . . . and somebody does something grotesque to a banjo.
This all happened. Every word of it is true.
As work on the book progresses we will continue to post new episodes of The Daily Frail, Sing the Banjo and The Patrick & Dear Old Dad Show.
Thank you so much for your support.
God bless,
Patrick Costello