Banjo and Chill

Banjo and guitar workshop playlists for binge-watching.

Old Time Banjo with Patrick and Dear Old Dad

I love the way my dad teaches. The original tab folder for this CD ROM video workshop (we did this just before DVD burners hit the market), but you can find tab for the songs in these workshops in The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo and/or Crisfield Banjo Retreat Songbook

Patrick;s Guitar Stuff

A collection of folk and country blues guitar workshops.

Bottleneck Banjo

Break out the slide and get funky with the banjo!

1 thought on “Banjo and Chill

  1. You and your Dear Old Dad need to do another play along, with a bunch of new and old songs. Either that or release an album already. I think about 30 songs would be a good start. ? I love listening to the music and trying to create a playlist from videos is not easy. Let me ask you, if I could put together a bunch of mp3’s of just the songs sans talking and instruction,would that be OK? And could I share it with others in the group? I bet I am not the only one that enjoys just listening when we can’t be playing. Keep up the good work!

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