Bad Movie Night: Kung Fu Crazy

If was a nice and quiet July 4th. I even broke from my vegetarian diet and had a Nathans hort dog while watching Joey Chestnut win another round of the greatest event in sports.

My head is hurting tonight, and when I have a bad headache nothing helps more than laughing at a really bad movie.

Tonight we have to weird karate movies: Kill The Golden Goose and Mr. No Legs.

Kill The Golden Goose features one of my teachers, the great Ed Parker, playing the bad guy. I love the part where he kills a guy with a plate of fruit.

Mr. No Legs is karate master and Unites States Marine Ted Vollrath. I got to attend a training session with Ted Vollrath and he was awesome. Shaking hands with him was like having your hand wrapped in a vice.

That’s enough fighting with the keyboard for one day. Two bad movies featuring two men who meant a great deal to me.

God bless,