Be Your Local Banjo Hero

Fred writes:

Hey Patrick,

I truly hope this E-mail finds you well. You and your Dad are always encouraging people to get out and play for and with others. I found that we are always welcome at assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Recently our local library asked my wife and I to play for the summer children’s program, talk about our instruments and just engage with the kids and their parents. In short a very gratifying experience the kids, parents and my wife and I just loved it. Not judgemental just fun and encouraging. None of the kids had ever been that close to a stringed instrument. Keep encouraging people to get out in the community.

Best wishes,


1 thought on “Be Your Local Banjo Hero

  1. Just found you! Learned Flatt/Skruggs via book in 1981 but had to sell the banjo to move back to WA. State and pioneer a church. Here I am, retired and 70 years old, but learning frailing because one of my best music friends in the world played that way til he passed 10 yrs. ago. Thanks a million for sharing. Learning a new picking style is making me want to break things so I can only practice about five minutes at a time several times per day. Play guitar (rhythm strumming for simple choruses) and am learning didgeridoo too… mate! I’ll just tell you that I have begun to pray for you and you can expect a turn around. God bless, and I’ll keep you posted.

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