Frailing Banjo Week 16

James Laurie is getting better week by week and sharing his progress with all of us.

You are doing great, James. Don’t be afraid to toss in another tune at this point. Look for Lynchburg Town, Roving Gambler, Gypsy Girl or even The White House Blues.

You can find tab for all of those songs in my free library – or you can use YouTube to learn them by playing along. There is no right or wrong way.

If you do use tab my father and I have stumbled across something that may be useful. When we were learning we both wrote out tab for the songs we were learning by hand in a little staff notebook. We both think that writing everything out by hand helped us both understand and retain the material better than just picking up a sheet of tab.

I am proud of you. Keep going!

God bless,

1 thought on “Frailing Banjo Week 16

  1. Thanks Patrick, it’s very encouraging to receive your feedback when oftentimes it doesn’t feel like I’m seeing any progress.

    Alongside learning the banjo, my learning to stand on my head reminds me that improvement comes in small and regular steps. Two months ago I couldn’t get a foot off the ground and now I can balance for several seconds. Three months ago I didn’t know one end of a banjo from the other.

    Patrick, you are often in our thoughts.

    Thank you.


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