Chapter Four!

Chapter four of my book in progress is ready for our sponsors to download on Patreon!
I am writing this book in pencil because neurological issues have made it difficult for me to type. This is the first drat written by me, given a quick edit by Dear Old Dad and posted for your enjoyment.
Dear Old Dad will be giving these chapters a more through edit as he transcribes my Phoenician hen scratches to Word. He will also be recording the audiobook!

We are numbering the chapters as they are written. They will probably appear in a different order in the finished book.

Once the book is finished we will make the ebook edition available to all of our Patreon sponsors.

This chapter is about how I discovered the power of music, and decided to let the Tao carry me like a leaf on a stream to wherever I was supposed to be.

If Patreon is not your thing, there are other ways you can sponsor our work.

2 thoughts on “Chapter Four!

  1. I mentioned my buddy that was a frailer for many years… passed on now. I have a song he wrote and performed with his family… great gospel. That’s why I’m inspired, along with Patrick now, to pick up my banjo again. I hope this song copies to this and can be listened to. Blessings, Kent

    Well, It did not copy. Guess I will try something else.

    • Email me the file ( and I will post it for you.

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