Pumkin Patch!

My garden ended up becoming home to a rouges gallery of critters. I’m cool with that as long as they leave my pumpkin patch alone. For the first time in my life we stand a real chance of having not one but several home-grown pumpkins for Halloween!

Our pie melons, black krim tomatoes and Cherokee moon and stars watermelon are also doing well. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Pumkin Patch!

  1. While you’re waiting for results, here’s a good verse from Isaiah 40:31 “They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of Eagles, they shall run and not be weary walk and not faint.”
    Mount up with eagles wings dear brother Patrick. Good to know who you’re waiting on.

  2. Love the garden photos. I’m a gardener as well. would love to pics that are wider to see the whole patch. Spidery weeds and all!

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