Writing The Great American Banjo Novel

Neurological issues have made typing difficult, so I am writing my next book by hand. In this video Dear Old Dad and I share how we are getting the words out of my head onto the page with the tools available.

I write in pencil on legal pads and Dear Old Dad transcribes my Phoenician hen scratches onto the computer.

We are posting edited handwritten chapters on Patreon for our sponsors.

1 thought on “Writing The Great American Banjo Novel

  1. Your story is mine too. I exited the Navy in 1967, bought a 12 string guitar and a folk music book in the Spring and self taught strumming and chording that summer while working a sawmill swing shift. A guy in the Navy that played one and had girls come and listen to him play and sing. I was shy so when I began attending college in Fall of 1967, I took my guitar to dorms and girls came to listen to me play and sing. I caught one by Spring 1968, married her in Fall of 1968, and it’s been 50 years this September… six kids along the way. Guitar never left and I used it to lead worship choruses at home meetings beginning in 1972. Four basic chords plays most of the hymns and 90 % of the simple choruses. Now, at 70, I’m pushing back into banjo because it’s such a happy instrument. God smiles when he hears it, and I’m all about being in the smile of God… I’m sure you are too. Blessings to Patrick today.

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