Writing The Great American Banjo Novel

Neurological issues have made typing difficult, so I am writing my next book by hand. In this video Dear Old Dad and I share how we are getting the words out of my head onto the page with the tools available.

I write in pencil on legal pads and Dear Old Dad transcribes my Phoenician hen scratches onto the computer.

We are posting edited handwritten chapters on Patreon for our sponsors.

One thought on “Writing The Great American Banjo Novel

  1. Your story is mine too. I exited the Navy in 1967, bought a 12 string guitar and a folk music book in the Spring and self taught strumming and chording that summer while working a sawmill swing shift. A guy in the Navy that played one and had girls come and listen to him play and sing. I was shy so when I began attending college in Fall of 1967, I took my guitar to dorms and girls came to listen to me play and sing. I caught one by Spring 1968, married her in Fall of 1968, and it’s been 50 years this September… six kids along the way. Guitar never left and I used it to lead worship choruses at home meetings beginning in 1972. Four basic chords plays most of the hymns and 90 % of the simple choruses. Now, at 70, I’m pushing back into banjo because it’s such a happy instrument. God smiles when he hears it, and I’m all about being in the smile of God… I’m sure you are too. Blessings to Patrick today.

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