Road Trip Next Week

Dear Old Dad has to drive me up to see my neurologist in Delaware on August first. I have already received his notes through my web-based Patient Portal, so I won’t be too shocked by what he has to tell me.

Work on the book is going well. I love working away from the Internet!

Sing the Banjo! and The Daily Frail will return around the second week of August. I will also post a video filling everybody in on what the doc has to say.

Thank you all for the letters, cards, prayers and support. It means a lot to somebody cares.

God bless,

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Next Week

  1. Hi Patrick, I’m your newest subscriber and am enjoying getting to know you. I’m expecting my new open-back 5 string on Tuesday and have printed off some part of “How and Tao” in preparation.
    I admire your open personality and the way you can project that in your videos. I’m an old Philly hand too. Lived in and around Philly from ’57 to ’69. Been in Arkansas for past26 years. Looks like we’ll be spending a bit of time together and hope I’m up to it. Oh, by the way, I’ll be turning 86 next month. Crazy, huh? Blessings, Ed

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