Shaving Grace

Now that typing is difficult I have embraced writing almost everything longhand. I was unsure of how it would go at first, but my paper and pencils have been a joy to work with.

Twice a day I grab several fistfuls of pencils and sharpen them for my writing session. When I am writing I work until my pencil is dull, drop the dull pencil and switch to a fresh pencil without skipping a beat. I got the idea from John Steinbeck and it works well for me.

That is, until today . . .

Just now I was sharpening a batch of pencils and my X-Acto pencil sharpener blew apart in my face! Pencil shavings and bits of sharpener all over my desk. I have pencil shavings up my nose. Scared the hell out of Pooka.

I guess it just got old and I was cranking it too hard.

Well, it’s time to shop for a new pencil sharpener.