Turning Point

To follow up on yesterday’s demise of my favorite pencil sharpener, I took action and ordered a few supplies.

On Dear Old Dad’s advice I bought a good electric pencil sharpener to keep my wooden pencils nice and pointy. He pointed out that of sharpening 40 to 50 pencils twice a day was too much wear and tear on a simple hand-cranked sharpener

Dad is usually right about this stuff, so I took his advice.

Then I realized how many pencils I burn through while I am writing. I decided to look around to see if there was an alternative that would last longer. I never have had much luck with mechanical pencils, but the Kuru Toga caught my attention. The point turns to stay sharp! For $5.57 (I love jetpens.com!) it’s worth a try.

Chapters 9 and 10 are almost ready to hand over to Dear Old Dad, and then scan for posting on Patreon

It has taken me forever to type this. I wish I could write on the computer as easily as I do with paper and pencil, but I am thankful that I can still express myself with words and music in my own fashion. Working with my dad on this project has been an amazing adventure.

2 thoughts on “Turning Point

    • Ken, the package jut arrived . . . wow!
      Thank you!
      God bless,

      Dear Old Dad is willing to admit that he is sometimes wrong but never in doubt!

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